30 Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts Every Guest Will Enjoy

There are many parts of Thanksgiving you may not look forward to, like being interrogated about your relationship status by Aunt Susan or Uncle Joe’s inevitable political ramblings. But there is one part of Turkey Day pretty much everyone can get excited about: dessert.

Even if you don’t do butter or whipped cream, there are plenty of vegan Thanksgiving desserts that’ll wrap up your night in sweet, sweet perfection.

While many traditional desserts (looking at you, pumpkin pie cheesecake) are heavy on the dairy and eggs, you can absolutely enjoy your favorite fall flavors while keeping your eats plant-based. From pumpkin to pecan to spiced apple, nothing is off limits.

Don’t thank me, though; thank all of the ~genius~ vegan recipe creators out there dreaming up plant-based magic by swapping in healthy ingredients like oats, maple syrup, cashews, coconut, flax, and almond milk for non-vegan staples like eggs, honey, and dairy.

Even if you’re vegan AND gluten-free, paleo, raw, or keto, I’ve got you covered. From no-bake cakes and classic pies to crunchy bars and sweet beverages, your soulmate treat is out there just waiting for you—no matter what your dietary restrictions may be.

So, when you need something to distract you from yet another question about why you’re still single, take a big bite of one of the following vegan Thanksgiving dessert recipes and let your taste buds bathe in plant-based bliss until the clock strikes Black Friday.

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