47 Life-Changing Products On Amazon That Work So Well Reviewers Say They Deserve 6 Stars

I love reading searingly honest product reviews. I know that sounds odd, but there’s something gratifying when someone just tells it like it is, especially when they’re talking passionately about salad spinners. (I mean, really? You wrote five paragraphs about a salad spinner? The dedication!) Of course, I most enjoy reading about the ones that really work — like these life-changing products on Amazon that reviewers say deserve six stars.

Okay, okay — I realize the phrase “life-changing” sets a pretty high standard. I mean, can a foam footrest that fits under your desk really change your life? The answer is yes, absolutely. Especially if it takes the strain off your back so that you can finally get through a workday without looking up local massage deals.

Or my personal favorite life-changer — a drink caddy that fits on your couch and enables your laziness. You can sip on that La Croix without having to reach all the way over to the coffee table. (It just seems so far away sometimes!)

And all these products work really well, which is exactly why Amazon should consider giving reviewers the option of rating these outstanding products six stars instead of just five.

1A Power Cube That Charges Your Floor Lamp AND Your Phone

2A Setting Powder That Lasts All Day Long

If you’re looking for a way to reduce shine and lock your makeup into place, check out this translucent loose setting powder. It’ll give you a matte, smudge-proof complexion that lasts for up to 16 hours. The weightless formula is allergen-free, non-comedogenic, and suitable for sensitive skin. You can choose from three shades: original, cool beige, and warm saffron. This die-hard reviewer writes: “For me, this powder worked fine in the dry climate, but it has proved crucial in this humid environment. It’s literally the only thing that keeps my makeup from just melting right off my face.”

3A Massage Tool That Revives Your Skin

Bring spa-level skin treatment home with this massage roller for the face. Made out of durable aluminum alloy, it has 30 rolling stones that you can gently massage on your face and neck to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation— clearing out toxins and helping to reduce swelling or tired skin. Gentle massaging will also help prepare the skin to absorb creams and serums, and you can use it on the rest of your body for a micro-massage too.

4These Ankle And Wrist Weights That Make Your Workout Just A Little Bit Harder

Looking to take your workout to the next level? These strap-on ankle and wrist weights can give you an extra challenge. Made with comfortable neoprene padding, the Velcro straps adjust to fit most sizes and can be worn around the ankles or the wrists. You can choose from five different weights — from 1 pound to 5 pounds. Strap them on before a hike or a jog, or even wear them during your gym workout.

5This Bug Spray That Doesn’t Use Chemicals

If you love the great outdoors, but hate bug bites and the chemical sprays that ward them off — I’ve got good news. This natural insect repellent foregoes chemicals in favor of oil of lemon and eucalyptus, which repels mosquitoes and all the “no thanks” pathogens they may carry, like Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue, and West Nile viruses. It’s DEET-free and works for up to six hours, too.

6A Convenient Little Seat For Your Feet

Sitting for long periods of time can be, well, uncomfortable. (Even more so if your feet barely graze the floor). But this footrest elevates your feet to relieve back and leg strains while also helping to promote circulation. And at a 4-inch height, you’ll still be able to fit your knees under your desk. Made out of high-resilience foam, it’s sturdy enough to use with shoes, but comfortable enough if you prefer to go barefoot. Bonus? The super soft cover is removable and machine-washable.

7An Air Purifier To Help You Breathe Easy

If you struggle with allergies or live in a high-pollution area, an air purifier is essential. This compact machine traps allergens like dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander. The HEPA and charcoal filters get rid of 99.7 percent of small particles, and they neutralize odors caused by cooking, smoking, and even wildfires. It’s ozone-free, runs on three speed settings, and also includes a nightlight. One Manhattan customer writes: “I highly recommend this product for anyone who lives in a city. You don’t realize how low the quality of air is until you try this product, and it really does make a significant difference. Super impressed.”

8An Electric Can Opener That Saves You The Trouble of Hand-Cranking

Quiet and super-easy to operate, this handy electric can opener is a lifesaver if you struggle to open cans manually. The process for opening lids with this is ridiculously streamlined, because all you have to do is place it at the top of the can, press a button, and let it go. The blade included here cuts along the lid, working its way around so you don’t have to. It’s also battery operated, so you can take it along for camping trips or other outdoor adventures, too.

9A Contraption That Makes Chopping Food A Breeze

Chopping food for a salsa, bruschetta, or dip takes a lot of patience, but this pull chop speeds up the process. All you have to do is put all the ingredients into the bowl and pull on the lever: five times for a coarse chop, 10 times for a medium chop, and 15 times for a fine chop. The bowl holds 2 cups worth of ingredients and is machine-washable. (You will, however, want to wash the stainless steel blades by hand.)

10Organic Rose Water For Your Skin

Use this refreshing organic rose water tonic as a toner for after cleansing or to soothe inflamed skin and hydrate dry patches. This high quality rose water is thermal distilled and reviewers say it calms sensitive skin in a flash and can even keep acne at bay.

11A Portable Massage Roller For Achy Muscles

Loosen tired, achy muscles with this portable massage stick, which relies on nine myofascial trigger point beads to really help soothe pains and increase flexibility. You can use this stick before a workout to prevent aches or afterward to give your body intense relief. Its design is so versatile that it works anywhere on your body, from your neck and shoulders to your calves and feet.

12A Coconut Oil Lip Gloss For Hydrated Lips

On the one hand, this is a gorgeous clear lip gloss that plumps up lips and gives them shine and definition. On the other, it’s also a super healthy treatment for dry lips — one made from 100 percent organic coconut oil, vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Expect it to restore your pout to a smooth state and provide intense shine.

13A Sponge That Cleans Your Makeup Brushes Instantly

Eyeshadow application can get muddy fast when you’re switching between different shades. And the truth is, most of us don’t have a whole army of makeup brushes or the time to wash them after perfecting our smoky eyes. But with this makeup brush color remover, you can keep things precise by ridding your brush of residual pigment after each application. Just run your brush across the surface of the sponge to clean it and remove any left-on powder. Then move right on to your next shade.

14These Net Dishcloths That Work Better Than Sponges

These net dishwashing cloths last seven times longer than traditional kitchen sponges, so I’d say they’re a pretty good (and inexpensive) investment. Food rinses out easily from them, and they won’t scratch delicate surfaces — and rinsing them under the faucet keeps them clean, but you can also throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher for extra freshness. The best part? The netting dries quickly, which prevents bacteria growth and odor.

15A Powder That Cleans Your Teeth Without Chemicals

You’ve probably heard of all-natural deodorant, but have you heard of all-natural toothpaste? Well, it exists — and it works. One reviewer writes: “My teeth feel so clean, like they’ve been polished smooth every time, I have very little tartar build up and my breath has never been so fresh!” This tooth powder is chemical-free and made from bentonite clay, which clean your teeth and support the natural mineralization process. And don’t be put off by the “sweet spice flavor.” With cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and myrrh, it tastes like the holidays in your mouth.

16Magnetic Fake Eyelashes That You Can Apply In Seconds

Eliminate the worst aspect of applying faux eyelashes: dealing with sticky glue that can irritate your eyes. These magnetic eyelashes adhere to lashes without glue. Made from synthetic fibers, these lashes are described as lightweight, but luxuriously thick. It takes a few tries to perfect the application process, which involves snapping two magnetic lash strips together so that they stay in place over your lashes — but once you perfect your technique, it takes just seconds to apply them.

17These Three-Step Blackhead Remover Strips From Korea

These K-beauty blackhead remover strips are more involved (and effective) than you might think. In fact, it’s a three-step system. You start by applying a heating sheet that opens up your pores. Then, you apply the charcoal-based powder and allow it to dry. Last but not least, an aloe-infused sheet is applied to soothe and moisturize the skin. These strips just might be better than a trip to the esthetician for a facial — reviewers swear by them.

18This Spot Remover That’s A Must-Have If You’re Prone To Spills

Eating spaghetti marinara while wearing a crisp white shirt is asking for trouble, but sometimes trouble (read: marinara sauce) just finds us. Plus this spot remover does a pretty bang-up job of getting rid of marinara stains — not to mention oil, ink, makeup, blood, and grass stains too. Plus it preserves the color and integrity of your clothes. This reviewer says, “One of my favorite things about Grandma’s compared to everything else we’ve used… is that it’s NEVER changed the actual color of the clothes. Literally every other stain product we’ve used either just doesn’t work, or sort of lightens/alters the fabric.”

19An Organizer That Keeps Your Sock And Underwear Drawer In Order

There’s nothing worse than trying to excavate your favorite black bra from a pile of other bras when you’re already running late in the morning. Do yourself a favor and keep bras, underwear, and socks in order with this underwear organizer that fits inside your drawer. Each set contains four bins with different-sized individual compartments for socks, underwear, bras, and scarves.

20A Moisturizing Sunscreen That You’ll Love Wearing Every Day

With this sunscreen from Supergoop! You’re not only getting broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s most harmful rays, but you’re also getting something more. This feel-good formula is incredibly moisturizing and lightweight, so it feels like lotion on your skin, and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue like others can. Ideal for facial and body use, it has a sun protection factor of 50 and is rich in antioxidants, so your skin really will feel amazing with this.

21A Fabric Wash That’s Keeps Your Delicates Looking Brand New

If you want to give your clothes the white-glove treatment, then check out this fabric wash, which helps preserve the quality and elasticity of clothes. Made from a blend of sodas and citrus, it’s free of bleach, optical brighteners, lanolin, and petroleum products. Your clothes will be left clean and without soap residue or damage to fabric fibers — it’s great to use when you hand-wash your delicates, or add a dash to your regular laundry load to remove set-in odors.

22Tongue Scrapers For A Super Clean Mouth

Your mouth isn’t truly clean until you’ve removed bacteria and germs from your tongue — and these tongue cleaners are the simple tool you need for the cleanest mouth and freshest breath of your life. Glide the stainless steel cleaner along your tongue to eliminate bacteria — its design ensures that it’s easy to hold these cleaners and that you won’t gag. This set of two tongue cleaners even comes with its own carrying case.

23These 10 Sheet Masks That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Your skin has a whole variety of needs, and this pack of sheet masks can address every one of them. (Well, ten of them, at least.) Each pack contains an assortment of masks that target different skin concerns, like black pearl to brighten your complexion, red wine to revitalize your skin, or hyaluronic acid for deep hydration. Plus, who can resist putting damask rose or Mexican cactus on their face?

24These Sponges That Clean Absolutely Anything

These non-abrasive magic cleaning pads are extra-thick and will get scuffs and marks off all kinds of surfaces, including walls, leather, marble, and steel. All you have to do is dampen the sponge and swipe away. This reviewer is certainly on board: “Obsessed. You start by scrubbing that one scuff that’s been bugging you every time you walk by since the day it mysteriously appeared… then you see a small one next to it. Then hours have passed and you’re holding this shriveled up fluff and your house is spotless and you realize you can’t live without these things.”

25A Warm Aromatherapy Treatment For Your Headaches

This headache wrap helps relieve a pounding head by delivering moist heat to your forehead, temples, and sinuses. Just stick it in the microwave to warm it up, then put it to use. Or if you prefer a cold treatment, chill it in the freezer for a couple hours. The wrap also provides a subtle aromatherapy session, thanks to dried herbs like lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass.

26A Charcoal Face Wash That Does Wonders For Your Skin

Using charcoal for beauty purposes might never stop feeling weird, but it works. Charcoal draws impurities out from your pores, keeping them free of dirt, oil, and makeup — while also helping to prevent breakouts. This charcoal face wash also contains skin-soothing and moisturizing ingredients like coconut, sunflower, and olive oils, as well as aloe vera, orange peel, rooibos leaf extract, and white and green tea. This cleanser is rich in antioxidants, which can protect your skin from the elements and help keep the signs of aging at bay.

27This Splash-Proof Mop That Slides Under Furniture And Into Corners

Using a traditional mop can sometimes be awkward and messy, but some of those newfangled floor-cleaners just don’t get the job done. Enter this spin mop which cleans thoroughly, but is still easy to use. Wring water out of the mop by stepping on the pedal. The splash guard ensures water stays in the bucket, instead of getting all over you or the floors. The 360-degree rotation mop head slides easily under beds and sofas, and the triangle design fits perfectly into corners so they can be scrubbed too.

28This Soothing Skin Balm That Fights Inflammation

There’s probably nothing more annoying than dry, itchy skin. But a little dab of this wonder balm can give you a good dose of moisture and help relieve inflammation. Ingredients like tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus oils have antimicrobial properties that rid your skin of any unwelcome visitors. And it’s formulated with beeswax and olive oil, which means this balm has major staying power and won’t rub off or wear off during the day.

29A Massager That’s Not For The Faint Of Heart

In the words of the manufacturer, this self-massager is “not for the faint of heart, if you like a “heavy handed” massage you will love our tools.” Made with two synthetic rubber balls, this massage tool doesn’t require wires or batteries. It’s powerful, intense, and intended for deep tissue release. Use it if you suffer from tension headaches, or just to work out some stubborn knots.

30This Mattress Protector That Absorbs Liquid Like A Pro

This absorbent, leak-proof mattress pad is great if you’ve got little ones, or if you’re just prone to spilling coffee while having breakfast in bed. Liquid absorbs throughout the pad and distributes evenly, so that it doesn’t leak through to your mattress, and it’s made out of soft quilted fabric — so you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer. (Note: it’s not a full-size mattress pad, so just use it on the part of the bed you need protected.)

31A Silk Pillowcase For Healthier Hair And Skin

Sleep on this 100 percent mulberry silk pillowcase and your face and hair will thank you. This naturally hypoallergenic pillowcase prevents the transfer of oils from your case to your face, which can cause acne, and keeps your hair from getting knotty in the middle of the night. The case comes in 13 shades, four sizes, and has a full zipper design.

32These Compression Arch Sleeves That Are Great For Managing Pain

Your feet will thank you for these arch sleeves once you try them out, especially because they’re designed to help boost blood circulation and deliver instant pain relief to your heels and arches through compression support. Made with ribbing that provides targeted arch support, these are perfectly lightweight and great for wearing with sandals, shoes, boots with insoles, and under any socks. Reviewers also say they can promote better mobility and muscle recovery, too.

33This Coconut Body Lotion That Smells Like Vacation

This coconut body lotion smells like a trip to the tropics when you’re putting it on. (Don’t worry, the scent fades quickly, so you won’t distract your coworkers with your beachy vibes.) Made with unrefined coconut oil, coconut milk, and shea butter, this lotion is thick without being greasy. It’s hypoallergenic, free of parabens, vegetarian, and never tested on animals. This Amazon reviewer writes: “This lotion is really hydrating (I survived a very dry NYC winter thanks to this stuff) but it soaks in quickly enough that I’m not sticky and greasy afterwards.”

34The Gloves That Protect Your Hands When You’re Grilling And Baking

Old school oven mitts are way less practical than these five-fingered oven gloves. They give your hands (and fingers) more room to maneuver around the grill, the oven, or the stove. They’re heat-resistant up to 932 degrees, and the silicone grips ensure you won’t drop that hot pan you’re taking out of the oven. Made out of thick, lightweight material, you can machine wash the gloves anytime you get a little too much barbecue sauce on them.

35A Two-In-One Flat Iron and Hair Curler

Reviewers swear by this combination flat iron and hair curler: “This is truly a one-pass straightener and holy cow my hair feels silky and soft, with no frizz after! For days! Definitely impressed with this, especially for the price. Would recommend!!!” The iron is ready to go 15 seconds after plugging in, and the heat settings can be adjusted to your hair thickness. The balanced heat plates move when you do, which helps prevent snags and breakage. And it’s a complete package— the iron comes with a comb, clips, and gloves.

36Natural Boar Bristle Brushes For Detangling And Styling

These natural boar bristle hair brushes are curved, oversized, and vented, making them the ideal brushes for detangling and styling your hair with a blow dryer. These brushes are made from natural boar bristles and nylon pins that distribute your scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair for silkier, smoother, and healthier hair.

37Lavender-Scented Sachets That Take Away Funky Smells

Keep your clothing smelling fresh and clean with these naturally deodorizing lavender scent sachets, which you can put anywhere from your garage to your closet and lingerie drawer. These cute sachets consist of nothing but pure dried lavender flowers, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive skin reacting to them.

38A Bacteria-Killing Tea Tree Oil Soap

Kill bacteria and fungus on your skin naturally with this tea tree oil soap, which can be used on your body and face to relieve itch, acne, and conditions like Athlete’s Foot. This moisturizing soap won’t strip your skin of hydration, keep body odor at bay without masking it with irritating perfumes, and contains no harmful chemicals, preservatives, or sensitizing dyes and fragrances.

39These Insoles That Give A Boost To Tired Feet

A product with an average 4.9 out of five stars is rare indeed, but these shoe insoles have reached this level of near-perfection. They’re less rigid than traditional orthotics, and they support both high and low arches. The gel-like texture absorbs impact and helps relieve strain in high-pressure areas, like the heel and front of the foot — and a deep heel cup ups the ante in the support department, helping to prevent pain after standing or walking.

40This Cream That’s A Godsend For Dry, Cracked Feet

This thick and concentrated foot cream deeply hydrates feet and repairs cracked heels and callouse. It’s made with therapeutic-grade essential oils, like peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus: and they all have anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory benefits that calm the feet and treat conditions like athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

41A Powerful Lava Pumice Stone That Smoothes Out Rough Feet

Add this lava pumice stone to your at-home pedicure lineup. Made from honest-to-goodness volcanic lava, this stone exfoliates feet and helps rid them of roughness and callouses. And reviewers swear it works better than regular pumice stones: “It’s remarkably resilient: I’m clumsy, so I’ve already dropped it a few times, and it’s still going strong! More importantly, the light grey stones I’ve purchased from drugstores over the years always lose their texture super fast; whereas the texture on this pumice rock is far more coarse, in the best possible way.”

42A Facial Sponge That Deeply Cleanses Your Pores With Natural Clay

This Konjac facial sponge is made from 100 percent Konjac plant root that gently exfoliates the skin, making for a smoother, more even complexion. The sponge contains a dash of French green clay, which has properties that draw dirt, oil, bacteria, and other impurities from deep within your pores, preventing breakouts and reducing oil production. The sponge is all-natural, environmentally sustainable, and cruelty-free.

43An Acupuncture Mat You Can Use At Home

At-home acupuncture that you perform yourself sounds downright dangerous, but this acupuncture mat is pretty fool-proof. You simply apply the mat on your back for about 25 to 30 minutes a day to stimulate acupressure points. The rubber mat is outfitted with pain-free needles made out of zinc, copper, iron, nickel, and silver — all metals that help balance the body. Use the mat to boost your immune system, improve your mood, and increase energy.

44This Cream That Stops Blisters Before They Start

This blister prevention cream is formulated with long-lasting hard waxes that help reduce friction and rubbing when you’re on a long walk, jog, or hike. (You can also use it for those fancy heels that just happen to rub up on your heel the wrong way.) The cream works in both wet and dry conditions, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying if your hike happens to take you across a river.

45This Quick-Drying Dish Rack That’ll You’ll Wonder How You Ever Did Without

This large silicone drying mat might not seem like anything special, but that’s part of its appeal! This fast-drying mat is the ergonomic way to dry everything quicker, from glasses and utensils to pans, dishes, and so much more. It can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with built-in ridges that help make things dry faster than ever. Another advantage to this mat is that it’s resistant to bacteria, so it really does last.

46A Tiny But Powerful Fan That’s USB-Charged

This clip-on mini desk fan is small, but mighty. As one reviewer says, “I was pleasantly surprised with how powerful this little baby is! It’s so powerful that I can keep it on its lowest setting and feel a definite breeze.” The fan operates on batteries, but it can also be charged with a USB cord connected to your computer. It rotates and the speed can be adjusted depending on how windy you want things to get. Clip it on to your desk, bedside table, or medicine cabinet to keep cool on sweltering days.

47A Lumbar Support Cushion Made Out of Memory Foam

This memory foam back cushion can help support your spine when you’re sitting for long stretches of time. The ergonomically-minded contours are designed to give you lumbar support and help improve your posture. It has two adjustable straps that secure the cushion to office chairs or car seats (yep — you can use this on road trips). It’s also encased in a hypoallergenic mesh cover that’s breathable, so your back won’t end up all sweaty.

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