Amara La Negra Does ASMR, Talks ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ While Experimenting With Coconut Oil and Makeup

While most of the world got their first look of Amara La Negra on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop: Miami, the “Insecure” artist has been putting in work since she was a young child. As apart of our Future Hispanic History month, we got a chance to sit down with the Dominican Republic native while she performed ASMR. 

“I started when I was four-years-old on Sábado Gigante as a child star, then it passed on to being a background dancer for really really big celebrities and artists, then I started to focus on my music career,” the 27-year old says. 

After the premiere of her debut episode on the hit VH1 show, she automatically became a fan favorite. While many celebrated her for bringing awareness to Afro-Latino’s worldwide, she of course received backlash. But, the Miami artist chooses to continue to shine and inspire many.

“I am grateful to have been able to start this conversation because I’ve been able to inspire and motivate a-lot of people to embrace their culture and who they are,” she says.

I mean what’s there to hate with Amara La Negra? Massage your mind with the “What A Bam Bam” artist as she talks her “many hats” and more. Keep up with our Future Hispanic History month coverage here

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