Angelina Jolie’s “handsome” nutritionist teaches recipes to lose weight

Nutricionista “bonitão” de Angelina Jolie ensina receitas para emagrecer

One of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities had some of his secrets revealed. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Australian nutritionist and personal trainer Luke Hines, known for working with Angelina Jolie (and for his stunning beauty), told some of the star’s tricks to keep fit.

According to him, one of the ways to not lose focus is to invest in a combo that mixes “pleasurable physical exercises” and a diet with a focus on increasing immunity.

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According to the professional, the ideal diet would consist of the following meals:

  • Start the day with eggs, avocado and some sauteed vegetables. That’s right. If you find it too strange, it is worth switching to a fruit smoothie blended with some source of protein, such as bananas and milk or raspberries and light Greek yogurt .
  • Lunch follows the same line and is simple: salad with fresh leaves and your favorite source of grilled protein. Another alternative is a healthy vegetable soup with a little meat cooked slowly and shredded.
  • At dinner, a good choice is a crispy salmon with burnt broccoli and roasted pumpkin.
Take care of the intestine

Hines also warned that many people are unable to lose weight because they do not treat problems that have nothing to do with food, such as lack of sleep, chronic stress, drugs and alcohol.

First, manage these factors and then see results in the short, medium and long terms. Having a balanced mental health is also essential, even in times of coronavirus pandemic.

He ensures that, when taking care of the intestine, it is also possible to see improvements in the balance. For this, I consume the largest variety of fruits and vegetables I can. “Eat the rainbow. This means eating a wide variety of colors to obtain all the varied nutrients ”, he teaches.

Finally, Luke says that certain fermented vegetables, common in Korean culture, are great for regulating organ activity. Kombucha, full of beneficial bacteria, helps as well.


To Metrópoles , Luke Hines added: one of the ways to increase well-being is also to meditate and do relaxing activities. He, for example, is one of the narrators of Synctuition, a mindfulness audio app that helps listeners to focus on the present moment. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. 

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