At Philly’s new keto-friendly bakery Dessertcrazy, there’s no wheat flour or sugar to be found. Here’s how they do it.

Like our buttercream is Swiss meringue buttercream, which is the hardest buttercream to make but amazingly good. Normal buttercream, you basically whip butter, and you add powdered sugar. We don’t have that option. To solve that problem, I was looking at different icings, and my favorite had always been Swiss meringue buttercream. What you have to do is you get egg whites, and then you just put the sweeteners in the egg white, and then you bring it to exactly 150 degrees, stirring it all the time. Then you take that, and you pour it in your mixer, and you whip it, until it’s this beautiful, frothy mixture. Then stir it slowly, adding your butter to it. It is much harder to make than normal buttercream, but the result is beautiful, because it means that the allulose and tagatose dissolve perfectly in it.

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