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If you’re on the keto diet, there are probably a few things that are always on your mind. First of all, there’s meeting your macros. Second of all, you’re probably thinking about your ketone levels. And third of all, you’re probably CRAVING CARBS. Now, the keto diet is great because of all the delicious foods you still CAN eat. Butter. Avocados. Cheese. BACON! But it’s still not always easy to cut out carbs. And getting ahead of that initial cravings hump is one of the hardest parts of sticking to keto. But MCT oil could make it a lot easier! And thanks to the popularity of the keto diet, there are great MCT oil recipes to be found! And you’ll find quite a few in our roundup of the best MCT oil recipes!

MCT oil could have HUGE potential to take your keto diet to the next level. And incorporating it into your food or drinks is one of the easiest ways to supplement MCT in your diet! But you can also look into dietary supplements that contain MCT oil if you aren’t interested in cooking with it! But we encourage you to give it a try! Because the best MCT oil recipes bring you all the filling flavor of your regular meals…but with added weight loss potential! That seems like a no brainer to us!

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT is also known as medium-chain triglycerides. But we know that doesn’t really tell you much more about what it is. MCTs are a type of fat that you find in certain oils (like coconut oil) and some dairy products. MCT oil is made from these fats. What makes MCTs different from other fats? Your body processes them differently! They go right from your gut to the liver, where they can be used as energy or converted to ketones! This ALSO means they’re less likely to be stored as fat! And an MCT supplement like MCT oil has been found to be MORE EFFECTIVE at suppressing appetite than regular coconut oil! So our best MCT oil recipes could be some of the best ways to make the most of your MCT intake!

The Best MCT Oil Recipes: Beverages

  • Turmeric Bone Broth | Bone broth is a great way to get tons of nutrients WITHOUT having to eat a super filling meal! Mix together a bone broth protein powder, some MCT oil, turmeric, black pepper, garlic powder, and salt. Add hot water and voila! A nutritious sipper that tops our list of the best MCT oil recipes!
  • Blueberry “Galaxy” Smoothie | This is one of the best MCT oil smoothie recipes we’ve found online! And with only 3g net carbs, it’s keto friendly! Combine coconut milk, blueberries, vanilla, MCT oil, and protein powder (if desired). Blend until smooth and enjoy!
  • Bulletproof Tea | You’ve heard of bulletproof coffee, but what about bulletproof tea!? Just add a tbsp or so of MCT oil and a tbsp of coconut milk, butter, or ghee to your tea of choice! You’ll have a delicious tea that could help control cravings and give you a lasting energy boost!

Our Favorite MCT Oil Recipes: Meals

  • Chocolate Fat Bombs | This is a quick and easy keto dessert, and it’s one of the best MCT recipes online! Chop up macadamia nuts in a food processor. Then add MCT oil, coconut oil, and vanilla! Pulse until smooth! Then add cocoa powder and your sweetener of choice. Divide into muffin cups and freeze, then enjoy!
  • MCT Oil Deviled Eggs | Make deviled eggs as usual, but add 2 tbsp MCT oil to your yolk mixture! Genius!
  • MCT Instant Porridge | Add MCT oil to your instant porridge or oatmeal in the morning to give you an extra boost to get through your day! And it could help you lose weight! Try topping with coconut chips, puffed rice, or dried or fresh fruit!
  • Chia Pudding | There are tons of great recipes for chia pudding online. And it’s one of our favorite breakfasts! Adding some MCT oil will make it even BETTER!
  • MCT Waffles/Pancakes | We must have breakfast on the mind! This is turning out to be a list of the best MCT oil breakfast recipes! But we don’t mind. It’s easy to add a tbsp or two of MCT oil into your favorite waffle or pancake recipe! You might even feel more full after LESS flapjacks. And we count that as a win.

MCT Oil Recipes Review


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