Bubble Goods Is An Online Store That Loves Healthy Snacks as Much as We Do | Healthyish

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Our horoscope is in: 2019 is the year of the healthyish snack. And Jessica Young is our oracle. As the founder of online health-food retailer Bubble Goods, Young is tasting new products all the time, from jackfruit chews to spinach chips. “A lot of healthy food gets the rap that it’s going to taste like cardboard, and we’re not going to change the way people eat with cardboard,” she says. Bubble Goods works like a highly curated Etsy: If a food brand passes Young’s taste test—and is free of refined sugars, dyes, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils—it can host inventory on Bubble and ship direct to customers. This helps fledgling food brands avoid the expensive fees at traditional retail stores, and it gets “all the best clean-label foods in one place,” says Young. But back to the snacks. We asked Young to look into her crystal ball and tell us what we’ll be craving in 2019.

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