Burning Candles Bad For Skin

To break it down, candles can be made up of several kinds of wax, like beeswax or soy, but often they are made of cheaper paraffin wax. A byproduct of petroleum refining, paraffin is often referred to as a ‘bottom of the barrel’ offering, as even asphalt gets extracted before it does. Unglamorous roots aside, concerns around paraffin wax stem from the pollutants that burning it releases into the air, including some known carcinogens like benzene – a liquid chemical. According to Dr Johanna Ward, founder of Zenii, this substance constitutes indoor air pollution. Obviously, there are far more pressing concerns than your skin in that scenario, but as you can imagine, this particulate matter is also not great for your skin. Interestingly, board-certified dermatologist Dr Murad links particulate matter (as well as UVA/UVB rays, infrared and high energy visible blue light) to skin bugbears such as wrinkles, inflammation and a weakened skin barrier.

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