Cap Times Quarantine Cooking Club, Week Four: Birthday budino, coconut coffee cake and salmon on the grill | Food & Drink

What Ruthie’s cooking

With this shift to more cooking at home and near full-time online life, food bloggers are coming into their own. New Cap Times photographer Ruthie Hauge frequently sources from blogs for her family’s Paleo-friendly meals (read: more meat and veggies, fewer grains).

Earlier this week, they capitalized on the nice weather by putting salmon right onto the grill. The filets got a familiar marinade/sauce built on honey, soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger and sesame oil, with optional Sriracha for a little heat and scallions if you’ve got them. Find the recipe on

If you’re anti-gluten and happen to have tapioca flour and coconut flour in the pantry, give a crumb-topped coffee cake a shot. The topping includes coconut sugar, coconut flour and coconut oil, so it definitely has a beachy vibe. The recipe comes from

Finally, once the cool and rainy weather comes back, I’m eyeing preps like this one Ruthie made recently — boneless pork chops, seared and finished with a pan sauce mounted with butter. Serve it with rutabaga truffle fries, rosemary aioli, and microgreens dressed with honey mustard vinaigrette if you want the full experience. Find the pork chop recipe at

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