Cassava Flour Will Change Your Gluten-Free Baking for Good

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Gluten-free baked goods can be prone to tasting sandy and dry, but those days are about to be behind you. We’ve discovered a new GF flour that mimics wheat flour pretty closely and tastes fairly indistinguishable. Bob’s Red Mill Cassava Flour ($9) comes from the cassava plant, a starchy tuberous root found in South America. It has a mild flavor and fine texture that makes it ideal for baking. Beyond being GF, it has the added bonus of being paleo-friendly too!

Though it can be used in cookies, pizza crust, biscuits, and other essential baked goods, we had to try it first in brownies. This particular recipe is slightly “heathier” as it calls for maple syrup instead of sugar. The results shocked us (in a good way). As the brand promises, this flour is very comparable to wheat flour in terms of how it bakes and tastes. It has no weird grittiness or slightly off flavor. The only change we may make to the recipe for next time is to bake it less to result in a fudge-y rather than cake-y brownie.

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