Chennai to get its first ever ‘fitness’ restaurant this weekend

Grilled broccoli fritters with cous cous salad

Now you can follow up your gym session with a meal at Local, Chennai’s first-ever ‘fitness’ restaurant. The restaurant which is located on Sterling Road, Nungambakkam opens its doors this weekend. And despite the promise of ‘no refined ingredients’ serves up a pretty delectable menu of options – including Chicken Meatball skewers and Avocado mousse for dessert.


Fruit yoghurt Millies



Borne from the single-minded philosophy: of making people eat healthy by ensuring fresh, locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, co-founders Abishek Rengasamy and Mahi Mohan tell us, “We want to promote healthy eating and conscious, responsible living to encourage people to change the way they live, so that we can build a sustainable world for the generations to come.”  

True to its wellness mantra, here’s what you won’t find on the ingredient list – refined oils, flours, re-use oils or even sugar! Instead, expect wholesome alternatives such as wholewheat, multigrain, gluten-free and almond flour, healthy fats like ghee, coconut oil or olive oil and sweeteners like honey, jaggery and brown sugar.      


Balsamic watermelon salad




Grilled chicken breast stuffed with dry fruits & nuts


The recipes are carefully curated by a panel of nutritionists who ensure balanced meals with the right amount of healthy fats, antibiotic-free protein, and all the essential vitamins and nutrients. If you have dietary restrictions are following a diet plan, this menu also has vegan, gluten-free, low carb, keto and paleo-friendly offerings.  

Here’s raising a toast to indulgence, entirely guilt-free – no matter what you order!

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