Chicagoland Oil Producer Simplifies Cooking Oil Selection For Chefs

Columbus Vegetable Oils

Columbus Vegetable Oils has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of high-quality cooking oils in the United States. Over the decades, the oil production and distribution company has evolved from a small father and son packing company to a reputable force in the oils industry nationwide. It now has a long list of partners that are growing their businesses with it.

Columbus Vegetable OilsMoreover, Columbus Vegetable Oils offer an extensive range of cooking oils, dressings, specialty oils as well as industrial oils for its valued clients. In a recent interview, the company’s Director of Quality, Rick Cummisford revealed many interesting facts about its success in the industry. “We are very proactive in collaborating with the businesses of our valued partners and being a dependable partner in business, we focus on helping our clients and partners grow their business to the new heights,” added Cummisford. “We make no compromises on the quality of our products or services, and we believe in full-time availability, service and expertise.”

Columbus Vegetable Oils
Rick Cummisford, Director of Quality, Columbus Vegetable Oils

According to the veteran oil executive, the company thrives on the valuable feedback from its clients and partners. Cooking oil may be overlooked when it comes to recipe development, yet it is one of the most important ingredients for development and differentiation. With all the oils available, it can be difficult for operators and chefs to choose the right types of oils for their dishes, especially with new cooking technologies continuously hitting the market. However, the company is known nationwide for simplifying the cooking oil selection for its clients and partners, by helping them in making the right choice every time.

“From Corn Oil and Canola Oil, to Coconut Oil, Peanut Oil and Avocado Oil, there are many to choose from, all with their own distinct flavor profiles and smoke points,” Cummisford continued. “Add in shortenings and lards to the mix, and the options can be overwhelming, but we are here to help, and we let our clients know exactly what is best for their product and its flavor.”

In addition, Columbus Vegetable Oils is a renowned a Chicagoland oil production and distribution company that helps businesses, especially the distributors in sourcing the right oils. With more than 75 years of expertise and a breadth of natural, organic, customizable products, the company uses various techniques and oil types that create distinct flavor profiles and to help menus and products stand out among the rest.

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Culinary products and their recipe development are all about innovation and picking the right oil for the job is the most important part in this process. “Over the course of the last eight decades, we have reached the capacity of producing half a billion pounds of oil every year and produced in anything as small as small retail 7-ounce bottles all the way up to both tank wagons of oil that is getting shipped out of our facility in this place,” Cummisford concluded, while talking about the production capacity of the facility. “We take our market reputation very seriously and from our pricing to order turnaround times, we make sure that we stay ahead of our competition in all areas of service.”

Chefs and foodservice professionals can find more information on the complete line of Columbus Vegetable Oils solutions on their website.

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