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There are many reasons why we love Chloe Kim. Let’s start with the obvious: She’s the youngest woman to ever win a gold medal in snowboarding. She’s a foodie after our own heart. She’s an expert photo bomber. And she’s an advocate for sheet masks and self-care. (Um, same.)

With colder temps approaching, we thought there would be no one better to get skin-care advice from than someone who spends her days whipping down snow-covered mountains. Here’s her weather-proof routine—and the one product she can’t live without:

  • When I’m traveling a lot, I layer a little toner, serum, cream and then seal everything in with a sleeping mask. If it’s a long flight and I’m going to Switzerland or New Zealand, I put on a sheet mask an hour before we land so I’m extra hydrated because planes really dry my skin out. But when I’m home and I’m feeling a lazy, I’ll just tone my face and use a thicker cream.
  • For my hair, I put coconut oil in it, then wrap it up for fifteen minutes—or sometimes I’ll put olive oil on my split ends if I don’t have time to get a haircut.
  • For dry lips, I use the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I’m genuinely obsessed with it. It’s the MVP of my makeup bag—to the point where if I don’t have it in my bag, I’ll go to the nearest Sephora and buy it because I need it to survive. I need it for my well-being. At all times, there is one in every purse, every car, every travel bag. It’s everywhere. 

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