Ever Heard Of Keto Idli? It Is As Delish As Your Regular Idli But Without Carbs! 


  • Idli is a popular South Indian dish often paired with sambhar
  • Traditionally, idli is made with a rice batter
  • You can also replace rice batter with a low-carb batter

Very few things can make us as happy in the morning as a plate of idlis with a bowl of piping hot sambar and a tinge of podi masala. The South Indian breakfast combination is a hit across the nation and abroad. Idlis are tiny, puffy cakes that are made with a rice batter traditionally. Now, if you are on a low-carb diet like the ketogenic diet, a regular rice idli is a strict no-no; but what if we tell you that you can enjoy your idlis without worrying a bit about carbs? Well, this ingenious recipe by food vlogger Jyoti Dalmia is making it possible.  

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Now, for the unversed, ketogenic diet is a diet where you are required to cut back on your carbohydrate intake drastically, this would compel your body to rely on fats for energy, and therefore it starts burning fat for fuel. Ketogenic diet looks like a promising strategy to lose weight, but there are many experts who do not find the diet sustainable, there are some potential side -effects also associated to the diet, so if you are planning to switch, it is best you consult a certified nutritionist or dietician first. 


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Idli is a South Indian snack

This keto idli is so yummy that we recommend even those who are not on keto to try it ones. The star ingredient here for us is the combination of paneer and yogurt that not only gives the idli a creamy texture but also makes it loaded with protein.  

1. In a mixer add coconut flour, isabgol, baking powder and salt. Give this mixture a churn. 

2. Now, add paneer, hung curd and oil. Mix it again. 

3. Add water if required and mix, and make a semi-soft dough.  

4. Grease the idli moulds. Pull out balls from the dough, flatten it using your palms and place it in the idli moulds. Repeat until you use up all the dough.  

5. Steam the idlis for 10 minutes in a steamer or in a microwave (for 3 minutes).  

6. Prick the idli with a fork, if the fork comes out clean, your idlis are done  

6. Transfer the soft idlis onto a plate, serve with coconut and tomato chutney or sambar.  

Watch the full recipe video of Keto Idli Here: 


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