Five gift ideas that support lake businesses

Vicki Wood

When thinking of purchasing that perfect gift for that hard-to-please person, buying from a local business not only boosts our economy, but sets your gift apart from the usual Christmas presents under the tree. Local gifts show that you went an extra step beyond ordering up something online or buying from a big box store.

Gifting the arts

The Lake Arts Council Art Show has gone virtual this year, allowing local artists to sell their creations via YouTube. Artists were allowed to submit several pieces for sale in the online show. In addition to viewing works for purchase, each artist’s biography is recorded, and many are showing their pieces while in their home studios during the 23 minute show. The virtual sale features a collection of vintage vehicles in colored pencil, close-ups of a Chevy Bel-Air, or the front view of an antique Jaguar. Animal drawings are available in abundance from cute puppies to majestic wildlife, such as a fighting big mouth bass or elegant cranes in flight over the water. Prices range from $25 for colored drawings to $800 for large acrylic paintings by local artists, including Don Avey, Mary Andel byine, and Bill Manion. The Fall/Winter Lake Arts Council Virtual Art Sale can be found online at

Gifting from Local Authors

Tammy Witherspoon from Eldon just released a new novel, a third for her. Witherspoon’s writing is historical, sometimes whimsical, and always creative. She is a 20-year veteran reporter. For several years, she has racked up awards for her unique writing style with the Missouri Press Association, including her popular Newspapers in Education program. The latest book for Witherspoon is Soldiers Home, with the cover art created by former Eldon High School art teacher Mary Gainey. It’s an intriguing fiction novel set on the Osage River, with spooky soldiers guarding over an old cemetery. Previously, she has also published Unsung; Hitting a Sour Note, about a summer in 1969 at the Lake, where the lead singer of an excursion boat’s rock band turns up missing. Untold; Secrets Can Kill tells the story of a cold case murder with a small town newspaper reporter digging up clues at a construction site on the Osage River.

The entire set would make a great gift for any local resident, but are enjoyable to read for anyone, no matter where they are from. Other local authors’’ works available on Amazon are H. Dwight Weaver’s books detailing the Lake’s history, Jeremy Amick’s accounts of local war heroes, or Susan Croce Kelly’s detailed history of the building of Route 66.

Gifting Convenient Meals

Mimi’s Mealz provides healthy homestyle meals delivered to your door. Each dish is designed to feed 6-8 people and are very reasonably priced at $15-$25. Menu items are handcrafted by Grandma Mimi in her kitchen and range from chicken and dumplings to classic lasagna. Breakfast casseroles are designed to be customized to customer’s preferences or you can choose from ready-made recipes such as sausage, cheese, and hashbrown egg muffins or a cheesy grits casserole.

If you have dietary restrictions, there are plenty of choices for you as well, such as Garden Veggie Burgers or Keto Sausage balls that contain almond flour and coconut oil instead of butter. All meals are either ready to eat or can go in the freezer for your convenience.

Their delivery area includes Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, and Camdenton. Locations outside of those areas can arrange to meet Mimi’s Mealz for pickup. Meals can be ordered online on Facebook at Mimi’s Mealz with their handy online booking tool.

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