How to Balance your Hormones: Easy Ways to Reach That

Hormones are an important part of our body’s development. They help with metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and growth. Balancing hormones is our way of influencing what the hormones do to our bodies.

It’s no secret, that having a balanced diet is good for overall health. It’s also important for maintaining balanced hormones. There are different foods that can help with maintaining a healthy diet and improving the hormone levels in your body. Eating leafy greens such as spinach, kale or chard can help cleanse the body and support the liver. The liver plays a super important role in maintaining hormone levels. Broccoli is rich in glucosinolates; this helps with maintaining metabolism.


Chickpeas are also another superfood that can help. They are rich with vitamin B. One cup of chickpeas is half the recommended amount of vitamin B for an entire day. If building muscle is something that you need to do, then eating chicken breast can help. Sour cherries are great for helping with healthy sleep. They are filled with melatonin which is the hormone we need in order to sleep.

Try to avoid carbohydrates. Carbs can cause inflammation, which will affect the hormone levels. Instead, try to substitute with healthy fats. Some healthy fats to use include coconut oil, avocado, and grass-fed butter. High- fructose corn syrup is definitely a food that you would not want to consume. Instead of consuming sugars, try fruits that have fiber to help slow down the hormonal insulin response. Avoid eating packaged fried snacks. Foods that contain trans fats should be avoided. Alcohol is another commodity that you should avoid consuming too much of. Too much alcohol can affect the stress hormone cortisol. Cut back on the coffee intake. Having some coffee is acceptable, but consuming too much can throw the hormones out of balance.

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Hormone therapy is another option to help keep the balance. Hormone therapy is using medication that will keep the levels balanced where they should be. By using hormonal therapy, you can expect to see some results in as little as four months. The human growth hormone (HGH) is one common way hormonal therapy is used. The first month you may not see any visual changes, but there will be some physical changes that you may notice. For instance, a better mood, better sleep, increase in energy, better endurance and shorter recovery periods in the gym. The second month you will start to see some subtle visual changes. These include hair thickening, improved metabolic speed, and improved vision. By month three you should see more visible results. For menstruating women, these results can be alleviating the symptoms of bad PMS. In older women, it can reduce the negative symptoms of menopause. Month four there should be very visual changes that are noticeable. By this stage, you should see more results such as, mild to no joint pains, amplification of all previous benefits, and a significant boost in endurance. HGH results after 4 months will also bring weight loss and muscle gain.

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Managing stress can also help to keep balance. There are multiple ways to keep stress levels down in order to improve overall health. Indulging in physical activity can help. This will not only help your stress level, but also the overall health of your body. Trying relaxation techniques, such as mediation, can help lower stress as well. Time management will help to lower stress. Managing time is important because it will help with stress caused by procrastination. Getting more sleep is beneficial as well. Manage time so that you can get to bed at an hour that will allow you a full eight hours of rest. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Many people use alcohol and nicotine to help them relieve stress, but these will actually stress the body out more. Avoid these all together to reduce stress levels. Lastly, talk to someone. If there are certain things stressing you out, seek outs, someone, to talk to. This could be a friend, family member or a professional.


Keeping hormones balanced is something that should be taken more seriously. If you need to balance out your hormones, use these methods to keep them balanced.

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