Is Ariana Grande’s Hair Real?

Is it real or extensions?

Ariana Grande’s super-long, straight ponytail is her signature look. Her ponytail is always high on her head and goes practically down to her butt. Is it possible that it is all actually Ariana’s hair? Or, it is extensions? And seriously, if it is real, how long does it take to wash and dry? I have so many questions. Does the ponytail give her a headache? Oh, and by the way, did you see her latest photos? She cut it all off into an adorabe, flippy, collar length long bob. Is Ariana Grande’s hair real?

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1. First, the new ‘do

Ariana Grande is having some life changes right now. With the death of Mac Miller and the end of her engagement to Pete Davidson, girlfriend is taking time for herself. Part of that is changing up her look as she did when she shed her signature super long perky ponytail in favor of an adorable collar bone length bob. She said that all of those years when she was dyeing her hair red for the Nickelodeon shows Victorious and Sam and Cat damaged her hair. It should be noted that it isn’t clear whether Grande chopped her locks or just took the extensions out.

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