Is Coconut Oil Keto-Friendly?

Rachel Wagner, MS, LD, a licensed dietitian at the St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, says “There is controversy surrounding coconut oil, and although I believe more studies are needed to know the truth, I feel it still plays a role in the Keto Diet.” And she explains further, “Essentially MCT oils act as a carbohydrate and provide a quick source of energy to anyone on the keto diet. This type of fat is more readily absorbed, entering the liver faster, and more quickly entering into the bloodstream as ketones” (via St. Elizabeth Healthcare).

In moderation, coconut oil can be a lifesaver when making keto fat bombs or looking to round out the day’s fat requirement. But coconut oil is also very high in calories — 120 calories per tablespoon — and so those doing keto for weight loss need to be careful how much they’re getting. Even on keto, weight loss won’t happen if you’re consuming more calories than you burn (via Healthline).

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