Keto Diet: 3 Keto-Friendly Green Chutneys For Weight Loss

Keto Diet: 3 Keto-Friendly Green Chutneys For Weight Loss

Keto chutney for weight loss


  • Here are three green chutneys suited for your keto diet
  • The recipes have been altered to include high-fat foods
  • The chutneys taste as good as your regular green chutney

Our daily meals may keep changing with sundry food items but we need our green chutney with everything we eat. Green chutney is most popular condiment in India. Be it paratha, dosa, bhatura or samosa, our meal is incomplete without the herb-y and tangy hari chutney. The chutney that we usually eat is low in calories and great for people who are dieting, but not for those who are following keto diet for weight loss. Keto diet is built on the premise that consuming high-fat and low-carb foods burns calories faster. You may fill up your meals with fats like oil, butter and cheese, which only makes the food taste better; but how can you let go of your all-time favourite chutney?

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It turns out, you don’t need to. Here’s a recipe of not one but three kinds of green chutneys that are not only delicious but are also keto-friendly. It is conventionally made with coriander and mint leaves, and a whole range of flavourful spices. With the addition of high-fat foods like coconut oil, mayonnaise and full fat Greek yogurt, you can continue to enjoy your keto meals with any of these keto chutneys.

These genius recipes of keto chutneys have been shared by food expert Sahil Makhija on a video posted on his YouTube channel ‘Headbanger’s Kitchen’. Watch it here –


Keto green chutney recipe video –

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