Keto Diet: 6 Tips For How To Go Out To Dinner While In Ketosis

Your friends finally get a spot at that hot new restaurant you’ve been dying to try, and while normally, you’d jump at the rez, this time there’s a catch: You’ve gone keto. For two weeks you endured the keto flu, and now you’re (finally!) reaping the benefits of ketosis. There’s no way you’re going to blow it all on one dinner, so how does one go out to eat while on the keto diet?

Staying on track with your diet can feel next to impossible, and this can be especially challenging for those wanting to stick to a keto plan, which calls for a pretty specific set of parameters. But there are ways to eat out and not ruin your hard-earned ketosis!

The keto diet, put simply, is a minimal-carb, high-fat diet. More specifically, the average breakdown of macronutrients should be somewhere around 20 percent protein, 75 percent fat, and 5 percent carbohydrate. By depleting the body of carbs through your diet, you force it to stop running on glycogen and begin producing and using ketones for energy.

These ketones come with a laundry list of benefits that have caused the diet, originally prescribed by doctors in the 1920s to treat patients with epilepsy, to blow up in the mainstream. Keto followers experience decreased inflammation, more consistent levels of energy, better sleep, weight loss, and balanced hormones—it’s no wonder the keto diet has earned its place as a darling diet of the wellness world.

Most people, however, have trouble transitioning their bodies from burning carbs to burning fat, notoriously sloughing through a period called the keto flu. For one to two weeks, the keto flu causes fatigue, headaches, sore muscles, and brain fog, but it’s followed by a reward of extra energy and focus.

Don’t worry, we know FOMO is real. Here are a few tips on how to eat out and still keep those ketones in check:

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