Keto Diet May Help Manage Diabetes: Study | 5 Keto Recipe Videos

Ketogenic diet (or keto diet) needs no separate introduction. It is one fad diet that gained momentum in recent years due to its popularity among the celebs across the world. Another factor that adds on to fame is its quick weight loss results. Keto diet basically eliminates carbs from meals and substitute that with healthy fats to refuels the lost energy in us. This process of carb reduction puts the body on ketosis that keeps us full for long, further leading to weight loss. The best part is this diet shows a satisfactory result in a short span of time.

A new study found that this low-carb high-fat diet may also have a positive effect on people with type-2 diabetes. It was a meta-analysis that included 13 relevant studies. The findings, published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes, state that keto diet can help the diabetics improve their blood sugar level and insulin resistance in the body. Moreover, it leads to weight loss that reduces the risk of obesity among people with diabetes. For the unversed, obese people are 80 percent more likely to develop type-2 diabetes, when compared to people with BMI (Body Mass Index) less than 22.

“Based on a meta-analysis that systematically reviewed 13 relevant studies, we found that ketogenic diet can not only control fasting blood glucose and reduce glycosylated hemoglobin, but also improve lipid metabolism. Additionally, ketogenic diet can reduce BMI and body weight. Therefore, ketogenic diet may be used as part of the integrated management of type 2 diabetes,” read the study.


Keto diet leads to weight loss that reduces the risk of obesity among people with diabetes

Considering the above factors, we bring you some food options that can be a great inclusion in a keto diet regime.

5 Keto-Friendly Recipes For You (With Videos):

Keto Bread:

Looking for a healthy substitute for regular bread? This almond flour bread can be great for you. A perfect inclusion to your keto diet, this bread uses eggs and olive oil in the recipe.

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video Of Keto Bread:

Keto Poha:

Poha is a breakfast staple for many. Hence, we bring a keto-friendly poha recipe that includes cauliflower rice instead of flattened rice in the recipe.

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video Of Keto Poha:

Keto Coconut Rice:

You may also use the cauliflower rice (grated cauliflower) to whip up South Indian-style coconut rice at home. It is healthy, tasty and a quick option to satiate your hunger.

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video Of Keto Coconut Rice:

Keto Butter Paneer:

Who says you cannot have your favourite dish while dieting? All you need to do is tweak it a little bit to make the dish healthier for you. Keeping this in mind, we bring keto butter paneer that includes roasted paneer dunked a luscious creamy gravy made with a pool of spices.

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video Of Keto Butter Paneer:

Keto Chicken Momo

A perfect twist the popular street food, this keto-friendly chicken momo includes cabbage leaves as the outer shell, instead of maida or wheat. Here, a minced chicken filling is stuffed inside cabbage leaves and steamed.

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video Of Keto Chicken Momo:


(Note: These food tips are not part of the study)

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