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Kacie Skalak

Kacie Skalak with her 19-year-old son, Kayne.

Kacie Skalak has lost 35 pounds since starting the Keto diet in September.

“And I’ve only been actively working out for about a month,” she said.

Skalak, 36, had been gaining weight since moving back to Port O’Connor from Austin a few years ago.

A nutritionist recommended she try the Keto diet, so she now consumes about 20 grams of carbohydrates, 90 grams of protein and 140 grams of fat a day.

“If I’m low on my fats for that day, I have grass-fed butter, bacon grease or different oils, avocados, that kind of thing. I use a lot of heavy whipping cream. I make alfredo sauce and gravy out of it,” she said.

Skalak has gone on to help other women start and keep to the Keto diet by compiling folders of recipes for them and taking their measurements every few weeks. Her sister, for example, has lost 16 pounds since starting Keto in January.

“You see these posts or threads on Facebook where there’s an insane amount of uneducated or misinformed people,” Skalak said.

Some of the posts she disputes are about how the Keto diet is expensive, that it makes you sick or that it can be boring.

Skalak said people don’t need to buy expensive supplements, that she’s had recent bloodwork show her cholesterol levels are in the healthy range and loves experimenting in the kitchen.

The Keto diet can help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar and can help others jump start their weight loss, said Meagan Massey, the nutritionist at Paravida Wellness in Victoria.

She said that’s because people are fuller longer when they eat fat as opposed to carbohydrates.

“It takes your body longer to break down fat,” she said.

Massey said she comes up with Keto meals at Paravida that have polyunsaturated fat rather than saturated fat because that’s healthier. Examples of polyunsaturated fat include salmon, nuts and coconut oil while examples of saturated fat include dairy, milk and red meat.

Paravida introduced Keto meals last summer.

“And they’ve become our top sellers,” Paravida owner and founder Erica Briggs said.

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