Keto-Friendly Thanksgiving Guide + 3 Keto Dessert Recipes

Mashed potatoes

Yes, potatoes are carb-heavy and not keto-friendly. But cauliflower is. And if you haven’t already noticed, cauliflower is enjoying its time in the spotlight as the star substitute for everything from pizza crust to rice. It even makes delicious “mashed potatoes” and takes no more time to prepare than traditional mashed potatoes. Sneak in some ghee, butter, or avocado oil for additional creaminess and fat content. If cauliflower can be all these things, you can do anything!


Traditionally, gravy is made by mixing the pan drippings from the turkey with seasonings and flour, a keto nightmare of sorts. But a simple swap from wheat flour to arrowroot flour or xantham gum and you have a low-carb gravy to enjoy alongside your mashed cauliflower.

Cranberry sauce

When you choose a sweetener like stevia or monk fruit you can make this traditional side to pair with any of the above dishes in moderation.

Sweet potato casserole

Again, swapping out conventional sugar for monk fruit or stevia can help keto-fy this favorite. Just replace the standard flour-based topping for chopped nuts, like walnuts, to make this dish lower-carb.


You can make keto alternatives to these bread-based Thanksgiving staples using low-carb and grain-free baking ingredients like almond flour, psyllium husk and golden flaxseed meal. I prefer to keep it simple in the keto bread department and purchase all ready finished rolls or already prepared easy-to-do keto bread mixes.


Making stuffing keto-compliant is a little more time intensive but it totally doable. It involves making some of the keto bread options above and allowing them to dry it out to use as the base of your stuffing mix.

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