Laird Superfood seals $32m funding round led by tech firm WeWork

Prior to the $32m funding private funding round, friends and family had invested roughly $11m in Laird Superfood, according Laird Superfood​ co-founder and CEO Paul Hodge. 

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA, Hodge said the company is working towards the same level of brand recognition as Newman’s Own, Annie’s, and Amy’s. 

“We don’t view ourselves as a one product company. Our strategy is to build a brand based around Laird that you may be able to compare to Newman’s Own, Annie’s, and Amy’s, where you have in essence an individual behind the brand that’s truly authentic,”​ Hodge said.

“Within five years, we intend to have products in every aisle of the grocery store.”

According to Hodge, the company will achieve becoming a beacon brand for the natural foods space through product development and innovation as well as through acquisition.

“We’ve got a long, long list of products in development right now that span all sorts of categories. We are also going to start doing some small acquisitions of small food startup companies,” ​he said.

Often times, these capital-starved food startups may be too small for a venture capital investor or not interested in being part of a big food company, which is where Laird Superfood comes in, explained Hodge. 

“We offer another solution where we can acquire this company, bring them in, and keep the values that interested them in the first place.”

In conjunction with the investment from WeWork​, Arik Benzino, WeWork’s ‘chief we officer’ for the US, Canada, and Israel, will join the Laird Superfood board of directors.

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