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When a loving mother is looking to help her children, there’s no doubt she will go the extra mile.

That’s what Lisa Davis of Foxboro did when both her children developed eczema and, she says, she couldn’t find a product that was free of harmful chemicals and good for their skin.

So she started experimenting in her kitchen, making different soaps, lotions and “bath bombs” with simple and safe ingredients. That mission eventually turned into a full-blown business, with a little help from her husband, Jeremy, who coined the name The Broke Girl Beauty Co. It officially launched in October 2016.

After Davis made her first lotion for her daughter, she thought of all the products she could make instead of buying.

“The first thing I tried to sell was a simple sugar scrub and body butter. My extended family loved it, so that made me make the jump to my first craft fair,” she said. “I thought that I would only sell one or two scrubs, but, amazingly, I sold 20.”

This past summer, Davis participated in the Foxboro Farmers Market on the Common, where she said her products were well received.

“It was really good at the (market). I am on Etsy and do OK, there but it’s better when I can meet people and explain my products,” she said.

Sugar scrubs are her bestselling product and, Davis said, the one she is most proud of, adding that it’s useful for dry skin and can be used on arms and legs.

“I use organic cane sugar and rice bran oil, which people use for frying but it’s really good for your skin,” she said.

Another product that she is proud of is her shower steamers, which are for people who don’t have a bath or don’t like baths.

“It’s a take on a Russian steam bath where they hang up herbs. But instead of the herbs, I put everything in a little tablet so that you can use the water to activate it and the steam with essential oils will either help clean your sinuses and wake you up or I have lavender to help (you) sleep or relax,” Davis said.

She also uses a holistic remedy with arnica as a pain reliever. Her husband has chronic pain, so to help his condition she decided to infuse arnica with coconut oil to make a muscle pain relief stick, one of her more popular products.

In the next five to 10 years, Davis would like to have a brick-and-mortar shop in the center of Foxboro.

“I can meet more people and have more products if I have a store,” she said. “There are things that I want to do that I cannot do out of my home, so I would really like to have my own store.”

Davis has learned through trial and error, however, not to expand too quickly, especially if you don’t have your own store.

“My brain wants to make everything and I can’t, but I am slowly learning about how to make different soaps and oils to infuse into my products,” she said.

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