Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!

Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!

Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!

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Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!
Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!

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hey guys today we are making Cinnabon donut holes or munchkins depends on where you’re from so I’m over by the stove right now cuz we are going to first start getting our coconut oil heated you want to get it to about 350 degrees that’s the smoke point of coconut oil we bought our coconut oil in bulk online for pretty cheap and this is what we like to use if we’re gonna use it for frying because we’re basically just wasting a big batch of it even though we’re gonna end up with delicious Cinnabon Donuts the reason we’re doing it at the stove and not using our usual setup of the induction burner is because when you’re on a stovetop the heat is more consistent and when you’re frying stuff you want the consistent heat you don’t want the induction burner to go off and on so we are gonna fry our donut holes at the stovetop we’re gonna put a good amount in here you’ll see in just a second you need just about enough coconut oil to make sure that the donut holes are fully submerged before we get to making our dough for the donut holes we are going to place a thermometer into the oil and just let it set so we can keep track of the temperature now we’re gonna make our Cinnabon donut mixture for the dry ingredients you want a quarter cup coconut flour two tablespoons of psyllium husk fiber quarter teaspoon salt 1/2 a teaspoon baking powder and now for the fun part the seasoning a mixture we’re gonna use cinnamon and ginger I really like the ginger flavor I find it comes through a lot at the end result and ginger is just such a good flavor but you can omit either of these you can play around with them you can up them or down them you can even do pumpkin spice since of all-time is coming up so we’re going to do one teaspoon cinnamon and half a teaspoon ginger and give that a nice mix now for the wet ingredients two eggs three tablespoons of olive oil 3 tablespoons of water and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and 40 drops of liquid stevia this is the only sweetener we’re using in these so if you like your Donuts really sweet you can up that amount but we found 40 drops was the perfect sweetness level in case you’re wondering about my shirt this is a sausage stain that I got on it earlier but we’re all catering armies aren’t we so this is our t-shirt line we just started it’s auntie sprig it’s for our podcasts we have a podcast in case you don’t know Kido for normies it’s on every podcast app out there we do a really awesome interviews just to name a couple we’ve done Jason with rock and Lia and Vogel they both liam Vogel talking about car buffs Jason Witt Rock talked about building muscle just really great knowledge so definitely give that a check out so now that we’ve got our wet ingredients in here we’re gonna give it a mixture perfect and then we’re gonna add our dry ingredients in two parts [Applause] you want to push down here better give it one last mix we’re gonna let our mixture sit for a bit psyllium husk powder kind of does a thing when it’s sitting and it’s moisturized it’s sitting in moisture but a good note is that coconut flour and psyllium husk fiber do very brand a brand person a person so you want to aim for this consistency you want to be able to form it with your hand into a ball because we’re going for donuts here so our coconut oil has hit about 3:40 anywhere from three thirty to three fifty is good we just rolled out our donuts we find it’s easier to have them all just pre-rolled so you can just plop them in real quick and when it comes to cooking them a tip is let these go a little pass what you think is actually done coz psyllium husk fiber stays pretty moist in the center so you want to cook it through as much as possible so you don’t just get a really mushy Center our second batch is looking about done so the six to eight minutes at 340 degrees is perfect pull these out paper towel we’re now gonna let the donuts cool but Cinnabon isn’t a Cinnabon without the glaze so I’m gonna show you how to make really delicious icing for these Donuts we say I seen because it’s a thicker consistency but if you want more of a glaze like a thinner consistency you can just add more of the heavy whipping cream and that’ll make it sin so since we’re going for the Cinnabon icing we’re making it more of a thicker icing start with two tablespoons of room-temperature cream cheese in your bowl room temperature is important and then we’re going to cream that to the cream cheese we’re gonna have half a cup of powdered erythritol so this is actually just granular erythritol that we made powdered in bulk and we like to have this on hand we used our coffee grinder it’s really easy and three tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and one teaspoon of ground cinnamon give another mix so last time we made these we did three tablespoons of heavy whipping cream but it’s not written in stone so we are gonna add some more heavy whipping cream to send this out we want to be able to just dunk our donuts in and get a thick icing we’re gonna go with two more tablespoons and see what that does now that’s what we’re looking for Oh baby mmm smells so good so these are gonna be the perfect topping to our cools Donuts speaking of Donuts let’s pull those guys over yes look at those beauties hmm so now I’m gonna dump these little baby munchkins for ya and taste test so we like to go about half way a nice half coating it’s not the most beautiful but it tastes fantastic but you can dunk these all the way you can dip it as each bite you take so you can get more frosting icing if you’re taking these to a party or something you can even pipe the icing on if you’re looking for like a nice swirl design you can up the heavy whipping cream if you want it to be thinner and that’s how easy it is to make Cinnabon at home and I’m gonna try one mmm some extra glaze on there for me mmm perfectly cooked and even the donut itself is perfect good sweetness good cinnamon get this the hint of ginger at the end but I’m an icing kind of person so sure them with your friends and family they will love you all right so don’t forget to check out our podcast all the recipe ingredients instructions will be linked in the blog post below subscribe and if you want to get notifications for our live streams because we do do them hit the bell and that’ll just keep you notified on the Reg it’s right next to the subscribe button in case you can’t find it I couldn’t alright we’ll see you soon [Applause]

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