NY, CT Share Something In Common: The Same Favorite Condiment

The results of a new survey reveal a quirky similarity between New York and Connecticut residents: they share the same favorite condiment.

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used over 50,000 reviews to determine the most popular condiments in each state and compiled an interactive map with the results. Some of the favorites were quite typical: Hidden Valley ranch dressing was named as the favorite among five different states. Barbecue sauce was also a popular choice.

Some of the results were a bit unexpected and may give new meaning to what classifies as a “condiment” — coconut oil, for example, ranked as a favorite in five states as well. Other oddities include Rhode Island’s preference of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Mississippi’s selection of French’s Crunch Toppers Crispy Jalapeños, Skippy Super Chunky Peanut Butter for Montana and Wyoming and Illinois’ preference of classic Country Crock.

But for New York and Connecticut residents, Nutella was deemed as the best condiment. Massachusetts and Virginia agreed.

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