NZ’s Milkio Foods expanding export markets across US and Middle East

Ghee, a traditional fat consumed in South East Asia, India, Africa and Middle East, is seeing renewed interest in western markets.

Djalilov Sobir, Milkio’s business development manager told FoodNavigator-Asia​: “The rise in popularity of keto and paleo diets in US is driving consumption of ghee. Following the footprint of coconut oil, ghee is following a similar growth path as it goes mainstream in US​.”

Ghee is a source of fat for consumers on such diets.

According to Sobir, the firm is on track for double-digit growth over the next few years, owing to ghee’s growing popularity especially in US.

The firm is projecting revenues to reach NZ$4.5 million (US$3m) this year.

Milkio was established in 2016 and produces organic cow ghee, grass-fed cow ghee, grass-fed sheep ghee, ghee infused with garlic or lime, and high aroma cow ghee.

Currently, exports account for 90% of Milkio’s revenues. Besides New Zealand, Milkio products are distributed to Australia, US, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Akhil Ojha, Milkio’s supply chain manager explained that there were not many direct-to-consumer ghee companies.

We saw it as an opportunity as most ghee that were exported out of New Zealand were mostly by dairy giants like Fonterra. Nobody was doing it in a small consumer pack, and we thought that it is a right fit for us​.”

The firm is currently focused on increasing its presence in US and Middle East, which is one of the largest ghee consumer globally.

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