Paleo Endless Energy Matcha Muffins Recipe

Model, celebrity trainer, health coach, and author of the cookbook Models Do Eat Jill De Jong is all about listening to what her body needs after feeling pressure to stay thin as a young model. At the age of 17, she was counting calories, skipping meals, and felt hungry all the time. A few years later, sick of feeling negative emotions toward food, she ditched the calorie counting and started learning more about nutrition. She began cooking foods that made her feel good. In her new cookbook, she teams up with nine other models who are also nutritionists and health coaches to share their food journeys and favorite recipes.

One of them is Courtney James, a health coach, intuitive healer, and model who found success with the paleo diet after suffering from stomachaches and a weakened immune system. She realized a diet high in protein and greens, and low in grains, gluten, and dairy, helped her feel her best. One of her absolute favorite paleo recipes is her matcha muffins. Instead of all-purpose flour, she uses coconut or almond flour and avoids refined sugars.

“These muffins provide a clean, satisfying, and antioxidant-rich energy boost that can be a snack or a dessert,” says James. Matcha is high in antioxidants, which helps protect the body against too many free radicals, which can damage our cells and DNA. It’s also a great energy booster. It has half the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee but will give you the lift you need minus the caffeine jitters.

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