Paleo Vegan Lemon Coconut Bars (Keto)

An easy recipe for gooey paleo and vegan lemon coconut bars ready in under 20 minutes! Thick, soft and chewy bars packed with protein and drizzled with a delicious glaze! Keto, Gluten-Free and Sugar Free.

Easy paleo vegan lemon coconut bars recipe

Lemon Coconut Bars Recipe

We love our dessert bar recipes on here. We’ve had strawberry cookie bars, raspberry streusel bars, and my favorite monster cookie bars.

With the warmer months just around the corner, nothing screams it more than the lemon and coconut combination!

A thick and soft almost cookie-like base, topped with lemon curd, a grain-free crumble and drizzled with coconut butter…bliss. Ready in 20 minutes, I am obsessed with these lemon coconut bars! 

Made without sugar, dairy or butter, these coconut and lemon bars are healthy!

Lemon Coconut Bars Ingredients

  • Almond Flour– Blanched almond flour
  • Shredded coconut– Unsweetened and no added sugar
  • Baking Soda
  • Coconut Oil– Melted and cooled
  • Keto Maple Syrup
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Lemon Curd– Homemade or store-bought
  • Homemade Crumble– Grain-free and SO versatile
  • Coconut Butter

Healthy Lemon and Coconut Bars Recipe

How to make Paleo, Vegan, and Keto Lemon Coconut Bars

Step 1- Prepare the lemon coconut bar base

  • Mix your dry ingredients and mix well. In a seperate bowl, combine your other ingredients and mix.
  • Combine the dry and wet ingredients and mix until fully incorporated. 

If the batter is too thick, add the extra 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree. 

Step 2- Prepare the crumb topping

  • Make the crumb topping by mixing the ingredients together, until a crumbly texture remains.

If your crumble mixture is too thin, add the extra almond flour. If it is too thick, add a little extra milk to thin out. 

Step 3- Make the lemon curd

  • Either make your own lemon curd or lemon jam or use a store-bought one.

I followed this recipe here. I soaked 2 cups of dried lemon peel with boiling water for 15 minutes. I then drained it and blended it with a drop of liquid stevia until smooth. I let it cool completely before using it in my recipe. 

Step 4- Assemble the bars

  • Transfer the lemon and coconut base to a square pan and press into place. 
  • Spread the lemon curd/jam over the top, until it is fully covered.
  • Pour over the crumble mixture over the top. 

Avoid putting to much lemon curd/jam, or else the bars will be soggy. 

Step 5- BAKE

  • Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. 
  • Bake the bars for 20-25 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean from the center and the crumble mixture has turned golden brown. 

The bars will continue to firm up while they cool down. 

Step 6- Cool and glaze

  • Once your bars have cooled, drizzle with coconut butter.

Ensure your coconut butter is at room temperature/able to be drizzled. If not, you can warm it up slightly (either in a hot water bath or microwave on a very low power mode). 

Healthy Coconut Lemon Bars Recipe

Storing Lemon Coconut Bars

Lemon coconut bars can either be left at room temperature or stored in the fridge.

If you keep the bars at room temperature, be sure that they are in a sealed container or covered completely. They will keep fresh this way for 3 days.

For the lemon bars to keep the best texture, refrigerate the bars. They will keep fresh for up to 7 days. 

Can you freeze lemon coconut bars

The lemon and coconut bars are freezer friendly and will keep well in the freezer. Ensure each bar is wrapped in parchment paper and place in a ziplock bag or in a shallow container.

Frozen lemon and coconut bars will keep fresh for up to 6 months.

To enjoy the bars from the freezer, thaw out at room temperature or in the fridge overnight. 

More healthy lemon and coconut dessert recipes

Keto Lemon Coconut Bars Recipe- Paleo and vegan friendly!

Paleo Vegan Lemon Coconut Bars Recipe
  • Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Line an 8 x 8-inch pan with parchment paper and set aside.

  • In a mixing bowl, combine your dry ingredients and mix well. In a separate bowl, combine 1/4 cup of your pumpkin, coconut oil, and syrup and mix until combined. 

  • Combine your dry and wet ingredients and mix until combined. If the batter is too thick, add the extra 1/4 cup of pumpkin. 

  • Pour the lemon coconut bar batter into the lined pan. Top with the lemon curd/jam, then sprinkle the entire pan with the crumble mixture, ensuring the lemon curd is completely covered in them. 

  • Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean from the center and the crumb topping has become golden brown. 

  • Allow lemon coconut crumble bars to cool in the pan completely, before slicing into 8 bars. Once cool, drizzle with coconut butter.

To make the crumb topping

  • In a small mixing bowl, combine your dry ingredients and mix well. 

  • In a separate small bowl, add your vanilla extract, coconut oil, and keto maple syrup and whisk together. 

  • Combine your wet and dry ingredients and mix very well, until small crumbles remain. 

* Only add the extra 1/4 cup of pumpkin if the batter is too thick and crumbly. Paleo Vegan Lemon Coconut Crumble Bars (Keto) should be stored in the fridge and will keep for 1 week. Lemon Coconut Bars are freezer friendly and will keep well frozen for up to 6 months. 

Serving: 1Bar | Calories: 198kcal | Carbohydrates: 6g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 19g | Fiber: 2g | Vitamin A: 6% | Vitamin C: 7% | Calcium: 4% | Iron: 5%

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