The Easy Dinner That Will Help Keep You From Getting Sick

Building up your immune system is never more important than in the depths of the winter. Jean Choi, author of her new cookbook Korean Paleo, nutritional therapy practitioner, and founder of the blog What Great-Grandma Ate, has a sweet potato dish that will stop colds before they start. Choi is passionate about feeding your body and soul with whole foods and provides easy recipes that support your health on multiple levels. After learning she had sensitivities to gluten and dairy, she started developing traditional Korean recipes without dairy, gluten, or grains. In her new cookbook she shares 80 paleo recipes and finds creative substitutes for all her favorite traditional dishes.

This stir-fried sweet potato noodle dish is perfect to ward off sickness: Sweet potatoes are anti-inflammatory and high in fiber and vitamin C, all critical components of building a healthy immune system. It also includes spinach (high in vitamin A, which supports our white blood cells), garlic, black pepper, and onions, all ingredients known to help keep us from getting sick.

Dish out a serving—and keep the germs at bay.

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