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Is your hair too dry or break easily especially after applying shampoo? You could achieve shiny and lustrous hair by getting rid of extra oil and dirt using natural products that are often found in your kitchen. Here are a few amazing tips to achieve healthy and shiny hair using natural products.

Extra oil from the scalp could be removed by applying urad dal batter and then washing it off using shikhakai powder. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight and grind it into a fine paste. Add the whites of an egg and a teaspoon full of lemon juice into it. Mix well to make a soothing hair mask. Apply this mask and wash off after 15 minutes. It helps clean the scalp and nourish the hair. Try this hair mask once in a week for excellent results.

Boil half a cup of shikhakai powder in 6 cups water. Pass it through a piece of clean cotton cloth and apply it on hair. It is a natural hair cleanser which can be used instead of store bought shampoo which is loaded with chemicals.

Soak a few hibiscus leaves overnight in water. The next day, grind it along with the water in which the leaves were soaked. Squeeze this mixture and the residue is a natural ‘thaali’ which cleanses the scalp and provide nourishment to the hair. It makes the hair smooth and prevents breakage.

Grind the common wireweed (kurumthotti) along with its roots into a paste and apply it on hair before taking a bath. It is an excellent remedy for hair loss.

Eggs which are rich sources of protein is provides nourishment for the hair. Including eggs in your diet or adding it in your regular hair mask would give you smooth and shiny hair. Beat egg whites well and add a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply this mask on the scalp and massage for a few minutes. Repeating it twice a week would make your hair strands stronger and healthy.

Applying aloe vera and trailing eclipta (kayyonni) regularly on the scalp would result in hair growth and prevents hair thinning as well. It could also be used to brew a Ayurvedic hair oil.

Add some aloe gel into egg yolks. Mix well and apply on your hair. This hair mask, rich in protein, would make your hair extra shiny, smooth and lustrous.

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