Waterville man sues Betty Crocker for $250,000, claims measuring spoons made him sick

WATERVILLE (WGME) – A Waterville man is suing Betty Crocker and its parent company General Mills, alleging the company’s red measuring spoons made him sick, according to a court complaint.

Three days after purchasing two sets of Betty Crocker red measuring spoons, Greg Violette claims the Betty Crocker emblem started coming off the two tablespoons he was using for a coconut oil and peanut butter mixture, which he eats daily.

“I got very sick and the doctor said it was from the paint of the emblems on the Betty Crocker measuring spoons,” Violette wrote in the lawsuit, which he filed himself without an attorney.

Violette claims the measuring spoons are “faulty” and is asking for $250,000 in damages.

Violette had no comment on the suit when CBS 13 contacted him Monday morning.

A Boston attorney representing General Mills, Inc. didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but according to a federal court filing, General Mills denies the allegations.

“The product at issue was not defective, hazardous, unreasonably dangerous, or unsafe when it left the possession, custody, and control of General Mills,” attorney Brian Voke wrote.

General Mills is asking for the case to be dismissed and to be awarded attorneys’ fees.

“We do not comment on pending litigation,” a spokesperson for General Mills said in an email when asked about the lawsuit.

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