What can you bake without eggs, milk or butter?

We get it: You’re stuck inside because of coronavirus and want to stress bake. But what if you don’t have all the ingredients you need for a typical recipe? Don’t put down your mixing bowl, we’re here to help. 

As people practice self-isolation amid the pandemic and stores run low on certain foods, you may find yourself without many baking staples.

To keep you on track to bake your favorite sweets, we’ve rounded up some recipes that don’t need eggs, milk or butter. Bonus: Many of these recipes are vegan, thanks to the dairy substitutes. 

Check out the recipes below:

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No eggs: Dessert for Two’s chocolate chip cookies will deliver that old-fashioned favorite without the need to do any cracking. The moisture alternative? A tablespoon of cream cheese. The recipe is also great for someone wanting a small batch, as it only makes 8 cookies. 

No butter: OK, what if you want the same classic cookie but are out of butter instead? Life as a Strawberry’s butterless chocolate chip cookies are here to save the day, which use coconut oil. 

No milk: So you don’t have milk. But maybe you have sour cream and cream cheese in your fridge. If so, Grateful’s mini blueberry cheesecake bites are perfect for you. The recipe is also keto-friendly!  

No eggs or butter: As Easy As Apple Pie’s moist chocolate cake will satisfy that chocolate cake craving, even with no eggs or butter in your fridge. Instead, the recipe uses vegetable oil and milk (dairy or non-dairy works).

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