Why the Keto Diet Is So Successful

Keto mania has caused sales of grass-fed butter to rise 45 percent this year.
Photo: Jonathan Kantor/Getty Images

The time of the keto diet is now. Although the idea of a ketogenic diet was originally created by Mayo Clinic doctors to treat epileptics in 1923, its popularity as a weight-loss phenomenon has exploded since people started hyping butter coffee — and in the ensuing time, the fad diet has turned into a $5 billion industry.

The idea behind going keto is relatively simple. It’s evolved a bit over the years and become more complex, but the original diet split daily caloric intake into 90 percent fat, 6 percent protein, and 4 percent carbohydrates. For a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet, this translates to a daily intake of roughly two sticks of butter, five eggs, and a mere one-third cup of cooked rice. The ratio intentionally deprives the body of glucose, forcing it to tap into a backup fuel source — stored fat — that becomes ketones (the byproduct of fat that’s used for energy when carbohydrate intake is low).

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