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Who wants to eat a ketogen, is sometimes uncertain whether this diet can form in everyday life, too. With a little preparation, the ketogenic diet, fortunately, is not that difficult. “Ultimately, it is a Form of diet, when you eat less carbohydrates and more fat,” says nutrition scientist Ulrike Gonder. She is the author of the book “Ketoküche”. (Read here how to do a Keto diet be dangerous

could food be) For a Keto Breakfast are, for example, all kinds of eggs. “My tip is to make out of pure bacon-and-Egg Breakfast, but also some vegetables to add,” says the expert. The body only requires fat and protein, but also the phytochemicals from the vegetables. An omelette can be, for example, very simply with tomato or peppers spice up. (You will find 5 Superfoods for head and body)

Ketogenic diet: For Breakfast there are a lot of Alternatives

to access Who would not want to in the morning without his bread, can of Keto bread or Keto-buns. “These products have a significantly reduced proportion of carbohydrates,” says Gonder. “But they are also very rich in calories.” Some of the bakeries you have in your offer. They should not be confused with gluten-protein breads rich. There are also baking mixes, as well as plenty of recipes to bake yourself Keto-bread or rolls.

“but You should be always aware that this bread from the traditional bakery is different,” says Gonder. Because there is no grain, there is structure and consistency is quite different, as it is otherwise known. “The Kauerlebnis is different and you have to love,” says the expert. An Alternative may be self-baked Keto-crisp bread, which is it rich in fat, such as cheese and Avocado. (By the way, a study says that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day)

tips for a Keto Breakfast: Greek Sahnejohurt with coconut oil, and nuts instead of Carbs

is having for Breakfast, preferably cereal, in the case of a Keto diet a few options. Is possible, for example, to use a Greek cream yoghurt with ten percent fat content. “If you like, you can add the cream a little, or in a water bath of liquefied coconut oil and stir,” says Gonder. In the yoghurt, a sprinkling of flakes, then to taste nuts and seeds, such as flax seed or coconut.

he Who eats its fruit preferably with cereals, can also add a few Berries added, under all the varieties of fruit they are best in the case of a ketogenic diet. “Depending on how strictly you as to the dietary, you can add quite a piece of Apple or a tablespoon of applesauce,” says Gonder. (These 6 Tricks to help against food waste)

Ready-to-Keto-Snacks only as a last resort

use the rely If it is to go fast, you can also ready-to-Keto-bolt or Keto-Shakes. “However, this should be the exception rather than the rule,” says Gonder. If possible, it is always better to give yourself a quick little thing to prepare fresh.

This is also true for the lunch and for the dinner: With Pure recipe full of vegetables, salad and herbs, a healthy meal is quick to prepare. Enough proteins to ensure that it saturates well – for example, fish or meat. “A ketogenic diet does not mean, however, that you may eat lunch only salad and meat,” says Gonder.

Inspiration for ketogenic recipes on Instagram

More on Instagram

More on Instagram

Important for ketosis: Enough to eat fat, so you will be tired of

it is also Important that the meal contains enough fat. “The body should eventually get into a ketosis. To do this, he needs fat, but not too much protein,“ says the expert. Therefore, you should also complement a dish of vegetables and meat or fish with fat-containing components, for example, with an Avocado dipping sauce, homemade Tartar sauce, or other dipping sauce. Also nuts and cheese on the salad are suitable.

if you start with a Keto diet, often makes the error that it reduces the amount of carbohydrates drastically, but too little grease absorbs. “Some people shy away from fat rich foods to eat. Then the feeling comes on quickly, that a ketogenic diet saturates,“ says Gonder. Most of the people leave the Diet quickly. (Note: These three Breakfast mistakes ruin your figure)

loss of energy and possible headaches: What’s behind the “Keto-flu”?

another beginner’s mistake is to drink at the Keto diet to little. “The kidneys have to work differently and retire at least at the beginning more water,” says the expert. With this water, the body loses more minerals and salt. Thus it may happen that you will feel especially at the beginning of the Diet well.

Some people suffering from headaches, dizziness and leg cramps. This condition is also referred to as the “Keto-flu”, but is often simply because that it is missing the body of water and salt. “You should not save, therefore, in particular, to the beginning of the conversion of salt and drink plenty of water,” says Gonder. Suitable for mineral water and broth are.

The conversion is especially good when it is prepared. You should always have the opportunity, in between quickly and easily to a Keto-appropriate Snack prepared to grab when cravings equal carbohydrate bombs. It is good to have, for example, high-fat yogurt and Quark, at home, frozen berries, Avocados, as well as a stash of nuts. “If the fridge is suitably filled, it is simple, spontaneous, a Keto meal to prepare,” says the expert. (Also interesting: Is a vegan diet dangerous for health?)

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Simple Version of the Keto diet

is to implement The so-called “lazy” Version of the Keto diet in a day and a good entry-level variant. Also in this case, it is necessary to take out a few calories to pay attention to. Unlike the normal Keto diet, however, there is no criterion how many calories, fats, or proteins you should eat. So basically, a stripped-down Version, when you do not have to forego the bacon. This Version is especially recommended when you wish to quickly lose a few pounds, but less than long-term diet. Read more about it here.

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